The Cityscape is a treasure box.
When Iam the forest, the earth is filled with smiles. Nature shows me many loving expressions.
The City (for me) wears the same lovely expressions. One face is full of bustle while another
expresses boredom. Constantly changing appearance in a living game of hide and seek. Back in
the woods, the trees seem to sing to me, performing their various songs.The Cit y sings tome
too! Casually catching my eye as I drive by, calling to me like a Siren as I get a glimpse or it from
the window of a tall building-even as I focus on the work before me. All its visions are paradise to
me. This casual glance-this feeling-I eagerly set about to record. The photograph is completed
and then another. As I do so, the framing captures a new viewpoint-a new Cityscape-and in that
"point of view" I am revealed!
Then, why suddenly throw away this viewpoint? Precisely to gain a new point of view. That was
the departing point for this body of work. To shoot it as it was-without the usual methodology,
minus the usual framing. To record only that first glance. To reveal the raw form of the lens,
before editing out and throwing away that which will not fit within the rectangle within the circle.
This time I present it all-throw it back out just as the city has thrown it into my eye-a glance
without a point of view. Wondering if, in this accumulation of glances, a new viewpoint-a new
Cityscape-can exist.